Why a Digital Detox?

The renown and spectacular hotel, The Mandarin Oriental in Miami, invited me over for a digital detox.

I first thought it was a detox experience for digital influencers. After a second look at the invitation, though, what they had invited me to do was a full digital detox… like, put-away-my-phone-for-7-hours type of detox. I wasn’t sure I was so into the idea. Actually, I even thought it sounded strange because they wanted me to share my experience of it… take pics and post about it, but I wasn’t allowed to have technology or any of my digital devices. Weird, right? Wrong… Not weird. Just my instant reaction to try and find a reason or excuse to turn it down, since it was out of my range of what normal is for me.

The experience was going to push my comfort levels of having my phone on me at all times. Plus, the itinerary of the day was already calming – AKA: Disruptive to my non-stop attitude, which I pride off of (and also the detrimental factor of any and all of my crashes).

When I don’t have to listen to the chatter or what’s in my head, I get tons more done, otherwise, I tend to think too much. The thing is… we need to dedicate time for these moments, where we do listen to what’s in there and not block it out with technology and being too preoccupied to hear it. Then, it won’t always be trying to get to us in every sort of way…

I live at the fast, crazy pace I do on the regular and don’t take any time to slow down and stop… or rather – I did. Now I do take a little time, especially after a few things have happened in recent months (like getting sick with an infection and getting a concussion from a training accident) have forced me to. In general, though, people always ask me how I do as much as I do. People around me will answer that I don’t sleep. I just say spin and endorphins keep me going. During all of that non-sleeping time, I have plenty of time to be on my phone. So, yes, days like this day, full of digital detox, are necessary.

It’s been a pretty big daily struggle finding the beauty in the balance of slowing down and killing it. It’s like that saying goes, ‘too much of a good thing isn’t good anymore’Well, too much go-go-go is no longer a success tool because eventually, you just can’t keep up anymore. You actually start to lose value in what you can offer. Days like this digital detox should be necessary for everyone, at least once a month – even once a week – to just put your tech away and get back to what you are really thinking and feeling. It’s kind of like rehab for your phone addiction!

So the day included the following:

Morning Yoga – Private yoga session in the sun by the ocean

Meditation – reflecting on intention

Tibetan Singing Bowls – This was wicked. After our yoga and meditation, our incredible teacher (and seriously, she was so beautiful inside and out during this session. I was so inspired by her) played what are called singing bowls. These metal bowls were placed on our body and lightly tapped. Their vibration is said to help with stress reduction, holistic healing, and overall balancing of the body. It made me feel so relaxed and is totally something I would make as part of my daily routine if I could.

Juice Snack – yummy healthy juice!

Colouring – a relaxation activity to challenge the creative mind

Private Reflexion time (for me, this was tanning by the pool)

Healthy Lunch – Included fish, grains, veggies, fruit, chia pudding, and tons of water, which felt amazing!

Digital Massage and Body Scrub – This included a massage that targeted all the parts of our body that become stressed by using technology; face, head, shoulders, arms, hands, back, and feet. They explained that our shoulders turn in because of the tension from curving in while using our phone. Processing information all of the time also stresses our face and head muscles.

Overall, the day was incredible. I left feeling so relaxed without having been on my phone and reflected on where I want to go next. It was such a liberating feeling. We also picked vision cards for the day. Mine was, “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” This was pretty spot on for me because my word for the day was ‘risk’. To take risks. To play a harder game because you can only win at the game you play, after all. If you don’t set goals higher than you think you can achieve and you don’t push yourself past your comfort zone, you will never succeed. It’s a mental game. How can we participate in it if all of this tech blocks out our own thoughts?

Thank you again, Mandarin Oriental, for creating this beautiful experience. I strongly suggest it for anyone.

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