Do You Even Work?

(Photo above by the insanely talented Sanni of We Took A Picture)

We need to talk….

Why is everyone always hating on bloggers. It seems to be the new trendy form of bullying. I must have missed the memo…

There are so many people and respected professions out there. Of course, too many where people aren’t given the credibility they deserve and most recently it seems like bloggers and digital influencers are all the biggest trend to tear down, shit on, and condescend.

Guess what, there are real people behind these blogs and you picking at them, their work and undermining what they do still hurts that person behind the brand.

I am so fed up of people telling me what I do has no purpose. Is fake. Is not worthy of money. Or time. Or what ever else their measure of value is that day. I work my ass off.

I have a business degree from one of the most prestigious business and fashion schools in the US, where I graduated with a 4.0 GPA, a working background in marketing for some of the biggest brands and fashion retailers in the industry today, and started my first company at 18. And guess what, there are TONS of bloggers and digital influencers who are just as if not more freakin kick ass! We don’t bring this up to brands on our spare time, but if you’re going to start knocking down what we do, the quality and professionalism behind the real blogging world, you better know there are some talented professionals who will happily speak up.

So what ever negative energy you choose to bring me and the tons of others putting their lives and creative work out there for YOU ALL TO ENJOY, think again.

Are you seriously becoming happier by telling someone what they do is of no value? That the art of photography has no value. That creative skills and writing have no value. That shooting behind and in front of the camera has no value…. all while every single brand out there from bread to tiling wants to work with influencers and bloggers? 

Look I know not everyone is going to be the right match for a brands market and I couldn’t agree more. It’s why I think its important to find brands that match with the right spokesperson, model, photographer, videographer, author, marketing strategist, public speaker, comedian, stylist, hair stylist, make up artist, business owner and curator…. pick the right one for your brand. Brands do it every day and respect all these jobs… but yet people cannot find it within themselves to respect bloggers WHO DO EACH AND EVERYONE OF THESE THINGS EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Tell me I am mistaken here but to me this is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. Sure there are tons of people who try and get “free shit” or so it’s called, but if that person is doing a job for you, producing quality content, are they not worthy of that payment? And PS there are the rest of us, staying up late, writing contracts and invoices, registering our brands and paying taxes for that work you undermine, coming up with more content and marketing campaigns a night than the 10 employees in some marketing department do in a week… so please don’t tell us we are not worthy of your money, time or contract. You are in need of us.

I thank this industry every single day for the brands I have grown with, that believe in me, that book me, work with me, support what I’m doing and want to do more time and time again. I am so thankful! And thankfulness goes a long way. Its grounding. Its reassuring that you are in the right industry when you feel blessed to be surrounded by the people who “get it”. And thankful I am, but that does not mean I undermine my work and the value of it. Thankfulness is not the same as being lucky. Thankfulness is paired with those who work so hard they are blessed by others that can appreciate their countless hours… even if put into a flat lay. Because that flay lay looked freakin fabulous. You gained hundreds of sales off of it. You used it on your social media account, and your website, free of charge. Its actually the new header of your website this season, after you switched out last seasons campaign shot by a photographer you paid a couple grand, but our work, you were not certain merited pay or even a product. 

Appreciate peoples talents.

Appreciate the arts and the value of the arts.

The constant struggle to get your product (website or otherwise) to what you want it to be. The time and money put into blogs, domain names, graphic designers, web designers, accountants, lawyers, additional photographers, videographers, equipment, computers, phones, travel expenses, transport, beauty expenses and tell me again why I am not good enough to be considered a professional.

So tell me why you don’t like my instagram feed. Or you think my body isn’t how you want it to be for your product. Or you think my reach and photos aren’t worth what I ask. Or the criticism that I so willingly have invited for your entertainment isn’t engaging enough. Or my blood sweat and tears that I’ve cried (and sweat) out over the past two years of blogging isn’t worthy……

of your RESPECT if anything….

Seriously, ask me again if I even work…. I dare you?

Wearing MAISON ELAMA shot by Sanni 

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  • Thank you for writing this! Every time someone asks what I do I feel self conscious. Often I get “what’s a fashion stylist” with a bizarre look on their fave. Or because my office is at home they think I’m sitting around on social media. The best is when they judge people who use my services saying it’s for rich lazy people.
    What do you do all day? Play with clothes? I’m actually getting angry as I write this to you😡
    Just wanted to thank you once again for addressing the bullying. I love following you on Instagram and I’m a Montréaler too. Look me up on Instagram maybe we could work together IG @stylistsharon

    • Sharon, I know the feeling from the moment I went to fashion school. Its a hard industry and its competitive. People who knock what we do do not understand it, or are rather unhappy in what they do. Lets jut say we did play with clothes all day, or work out all day as part of my brand…. ITS FUN AND WE LOVE IT. We love what we do. We make money doing what we love. And that is nothing to apologize for… being happy is something sadly some people don’t understand!

  • Wow that’s crazy that people are so negative. Sorry to hear that, no one deserves that. You’re fabulous keep hustling:)!!!