My long time love affair with the Canadian Film Industry

As a child, I didn’t totally comprehend what was going on, but I felt like a princess…..

You see I had family in the theater and film industry and when I was around 6 my grandmother May Cutler (who was an extremely talented writer) wrote a play that then went to show off broadway in NYC. She asked me to be a part of the play when it debued in Montreal… here comes that princess feeling! As a little girl age six with hundreds of people staring at me (albeit in a baby bear costume) I felt like a super star…. this is where the infatuation began.

Other family members with experience on camera told my parents I had to get an agent and start working in film and TV. Catching wind of this (again as my 6 year old self) it put plenty of ideas in my head and finally my mom let me get an agent, take a few pictures (which to this day I still have and get to laugh at!), try out for auditions and then the moment of truth…. Get cast in a Canadian made film. WHAT?!?

I remember them calling and telling my mom I got the part. We were in our old den and my mom told me I was cast as the daughter of Michael Madsen…. Who I knew as the dad in Free Willy. FREE WILLY PEOPLE! I was obsessed with that movie that to me I didn’t care about anything else. I was ready for action. And trust me my experience has nothing short of this….

Here are a few shots of me and my Canadian Film Fam!

I won’t get too much more into the work I did…. But if you’re really curious it’s the root of where my branding started as Samantha E Cutler and it was my introduction to an industry I will be forever fascinated by. If you really want to know you can quite frankly IMDB me (this was my coolest claim to fame in high school I swear!)…. but at the end of the day the Canadian film industry is what made me the young professional I am today. It is the reason I grew up in a world of much older and much more experienced professionals… and this hasn’t changed, from the film industry to corporate. It is why I never shy away from a challenge and it is where I learned to hold myself as a mature young girl….

The industry amazed me. The directors, producers, hair, make up… there was a person in charge of my teddy bear in the movie. THAT WAS THEIR JOB!!! In fact there was someone in charge of me…. I still remember the smell of the hair products they used on me every morning in hair and make up… and my typical morning hot chocolate from craft services (movie lingo for the catering truck;) )…  It’s still all so clear.

This is why I fell so in love with filming, shooting…. Waking up and getting my hair and make up done at 6am, to this day for the blog is my absolute favourite thing. You should see how happy I am on shoot days. I feel so honoured to get to do what I love and for people to enjoy it. I didn’t realize what kind of impact these moments and experiences had on me until much later… A big part of this is thanks to my mom for waking up every morning and taking me… and for actually letting her daughter get to experience the magic a director brings to life.

My blog journey has taken me many places and they say nothing is without reason. Most recently I was asked by Telefilms Canada to attend the Palm Springs International Film Festival and cover Canadian Talent in the film industry.

ME?! I have been blessed with a lot of incredible moments in my career…. And I say career in relation to that first moment at 6 years old when I started my acting and modeling… to now as a blogger, entrepreneur, brand ambassador, event manager, branding and social media specialist…. It’s all become a part of me. So the fact that I was asked to return to the industry that started it all was a HUGE moment and I am extremely thankful….

I have very special interviews to share with you guys on two incredible girl bosses who really touched me while visiting the festival. They are both so young and killing it in the Canadian film game…. Anne Emond and Chloe Robichaud…

But first I wanted to share how big of a deal this was for me with all of you and a little background on my world in this industry because I never get to talk about what kind of impact and power Canadian talent has in this game… And the director who bring this entire picture to life are a huge part of this. There are some incredibly talented and creative people doing amazing things out there. I would jump back into this would in a heart beat…

Below are some shots from my time in Palm Springs at the Festival.

Before entering the Talent Lounge for my interview with Chloe and Anne! 


Headed to the Telefim Canada Canadian Talent party in Palm Springs; Hair, Makeup, Action!

Post Interviews brunch and chat at the Avalon hotel ; a partnering hotel with the festival where tons of stars stayed during the festival!

After a long day of work, lots of fun exploring especially in the setting of L’Horizon a hotel by renown designer Steve Hermann!


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