Barcelona Photo Diary

I feel as though life before this blog was still pretty great and equally worth the share. I traveled to some incredible places with and meeting outstanding humans. Those trips helped shape me into the travel hungry girl I share with all of you everyday. For that reason, I felt I would do some throw backs with old photo diaries from past trips as I lead up to my next big adventure. Just please – bare with me on my less than well framed photography and thin eyebrows – these are throwbacks after all! 😉

My first diary is from my travels to Spain back in the summer of 2014. These images are solely Barcelona, more locations to come.

I fell in love with the culture of this city, from Park Guell to the beaches, there was never a dull moment. My absolute favourite spot in all of Barcelona was the Boqueria. We would travel there every morning to get smoothies and fresh fruit. It was absolute heaven on earth for me! I hope you enjoy the shots. (keep in mind my photography has come a long way 😉 )



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