Six Reasons to Hit The Six and Attend Taste Toronto!

Taste is a celebration that hits multiple cities across the world. It’s happening this weekend June 23rd-26 downtown Toronto at Garisson Common at Fork York. Basically the festival celebrates some of the best in food that Toronto has to offer, but if that isn’t enough to convince you, here are six reasons you should be attending this weekend!
1. This is Taste Toronto‘s third year and they have now moved to Garisson Common to be even bigger and better for all of you! Taste Toronto is the only official Taste festival held in North America, while Taste continues to have celebrations globally.
2. Seven of the new participants in the festival are newly opened spots hot on the Toronto foodie scene and have quickly joined in on the list of some of the most coveted restaurants to hit in the city. They are Alo, Piano Piano, Antler, Miku, Kanpai, Carver, and Mamakas.
3. You can hear from renown chefs like CraigWong (Patois), David Lee (Nota Bene), Michael Hunter (Antler Kitchen & Bar) and Anthony Rose (Fat Pasha) speaking of their secrets and tips into the Toronto restaurants world, their own personal experiences in the culinary business, farm to table cooking and the science behind the food!
4. You can chat with wine experts from Charlie’s Burgers and Kolonaki Group at the Taste Room where you will be able to experience the expert advice on pairing wine and food.
5. Montreal’s own Chef Chuck Hughes is kicking off the opening night this thursday with a live demo at the Taste Theater!
6. The Taste Marketplace will allow guests to pick their own drink pairings from wine, cider, and beer, as well as shop over 80 local vendors, from cheese, meat, pastries and oils.
And fine… one extra one for good luck. The weather is going to beautiful this weekend, so if you are in the Toronto area, this is where you want to be!
For more info or tickets check out their website and social channels below.


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Preview a bit of Taste:
Photo credit: Sarjoun Faour Courtesy of Taste of Toronto

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