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Scott Jardin

Food & Drink


Hey Guys!

I’m a thirty something Montrealer with a zest for life and all things that inspire.  Although my father’s heritage was Scottish, I grew up closer to my Italian mother’s side of the family and am therefore partial to wine and everything that is traditional Italian cuisine.

During the day I play the part of a computer geek/accountant but in my spare time I love to stay active, plan exciting trips, and am always looking for new places to eat and drink in Montreal and abroad. My necessities for an excellent dining experience include a great atmosphere (unique and diverse are always welcome and memorable), great food (obviously), good wine (although in lieu of I’ll accept wow worthy mixology), and thoughtful patrons whose attention to detail is played out through exemplary service.

Like any writer I am partial to storytelling and when a restaurant can tell you a wonderful story through their décor, food, drink, and patrons then I will keep coming back for more.  In our increasingly hectic lives we are often faced with many choices.   Our spare time is so precious so why waste it on bad dining experiences?






Monique Simone Weston


Monique Simone Weston, Ceo and principal photographer of monique simone photography is a passion driven artist who strives to infuse her “joie de vivre” into every frame.  Her varied skill set has her work published in magazine editorials and blogs around the world. However her best asset quite arguably might be… her big hair.


Brand Coordinator

Yasmine Gholam