What to Bring On The Last of Your Cold Weekend Getaways

There is nothing better than a perfect cold weather getaway to pass the last weekends before Spring hits. It always seems hard to stay motivated, fresh and entertained during cold long months like March. Take advantage of this time and visit a cottage, a city close by, or a spa in a neighbouring town.

To make life easier, here are my 10 suggestions to bring along on the last of your cold weather getaways….

1. A light weight jacket

Pack a light jacket that is warm enough, easy to travel in and still brings you into those spring days comfortably. I love my light weight NOIZE jacket.


2. Waterproof winter boots

….. so that no matter rain, snow, or melting ice you’re good to go. I can run around the cottage or city in my Pajar boots. I love that they are all black and sleek so they can keep my look stylish and still winter ready.


3. The perfect read

Find a book that keeps you motivated when it seems like winter will never end. Pick one that inspires you, no matter how short the days and how cool the wind still may be, you can stay motivated and fresh as you head into the spring. My favourite read of the moment is LoveXStyleXLife by Garance Dore!


4. An easy to grab luggage

Pick a luggage like Renwick that is big enough to through everything in and use as carry on, but light enough to not have to drag around in the snow.


5. Hair care that will rejuvenate your dry winter texture

In winter, hair tends to get pretty dry so I’ve been turning to NIUCOCO. This hydrating shampoo and conditioner is made from pure coconut oils and all natural ingredients. It uses exta virgin coconut oil and is free of other damaging ingredients like parabens. It helps you restore your shine that might be lost in the colder days.


6. Lip care that’ll bring back moisture to your pucker

I love the EOS lip balm in all different colours. Toss them in all your bags to make sure you always have one on you.


7. Face care that exfoliates
It’s important to exfoliate your skin during cool months. To start the warmer season off right…Β  find a spa near you that offers microdermabrasion. This process takes away dead cells and penetrates the skin with moisture. I love doing this every so often at Victoria Park. Skin specialist Sacha Bourdage was able to illuminate my skin by taking off the dead dull layer.

Yu can also try an at home mask because heading to the spa daily is not realistic for most people. I have most recently fallen in love with the exfoliating charcoal sponge you can find at Sephora. You gently exfoliate your skin. When you are doing this yourself keep in mind you should be softer on your own face. If not, this can actually irritate it rather than help to eliminate dead skin and refresh.


8. The perfect face mask
My go to mask this winter has been Yes to that Tomatoes. This is a natural mask made of charcoal and of course vegetable based. I find charcoal really works wonders on my skin and allows it to breath. You don’t have to have acne to use this but I do find that it helps if you get the odd blemish. It’s also great as a spot treatment overnight it will take away the redness and bring down any irritations.


9. Anti puff and pore refining creams
Two things that I find our amazing enjoying winter from benefit are there anti-puff PUFF OFF cream from Benefit. You apply a small amount around your eyes and it’ll will help reduce puffiness throughout the day. Its great especially if you’re coming back from winter months where you may have been consuming a little too much sodium, lots of sugar, lots of wine. This will have left your face looking a bit more puffy. I’m also loving the poor refining cream from Benefit. In winter a pore refiner can work wonders. In the summer sun, our pores will naturally be tighter and diminish in visibility.


10. A thicker winter cream
In winter I like to use a heavier cream like a body balm. I really love this Esthederm Sculpt System right now. It not only smells great, it also helps firm and sculpt the body. I use like this mostly on my legs because I find this is where my skin tends to look at a little bit more dry.



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