Four Cocktail Bars in Dallas, Texas

Midnight Rambler

If you’re looking for a classy cocktail spot, head over to Midnight Rambler in the Jouel Hotel. This bar was inspired by the New York City cocktail world. They pride on only serving the best in liquor and signature cocktails. The bar is located downstairs below the hotel and if not looking for it isn’t really that evident to the eye besides the cute patterned staircase enclosed in class. The vibe is cool and welcomes a mix of local business workers and tourists alike.


Bowen House

A new spot that opened in uptown Dallas is a great visit for a Thursday or Friday night in the city. This little space is actually a small house with a porch and a front swing. Inside they have a fireplace and a full cocktail bar where they refer to their bartenders only as “mixologists” rather then bartenders. They specialize in making signature cocktails and I have to say this was one of my favorite moscow mules while traveling in Texas. The fireplace inside is a cute date night spot to sit and have a drink in a dim lit environment.


Bar Belmont

The Belmont Hotel was recently bought and is in the process of being transformed. First and foremost, their old cocktail bar has most recently become a cool place for locals to hang. This area called Oak Cliff is one of the hottest growing neighbourhoods, picking up with trendy little spots to check out. With references to areas like New York’s Brooklyn and Montreal’s St Henri, this area is one to keep an eye out for as is the trendy bar. You may feel like your in a movie in the 70’s in this dim lit environment and remote hotel.


Truth & Alibi

This spot is a speakeasy with a Candy Shop facade. They serve up wicked cocktails and play some pretty fun hip hop music to dance along to (or in thrown style chairs if you so should choose to sit). You need a password to get in. They share this code with social media followers, but passerby’s with no previous idea of the spot wont be able to enter. It usually fills up, and like any remote speakeasy looks like a bunch of crazies waiting in line for a candy shop. Little do they know….



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