Ferreira Wine Night

If you are looking for a delicious meal with friends on a Tuesday night you have to head to Ferreira. Okay well any day really, but tonight is the last night of the half price on cellar wines…. exclusively for their summer wine night! So grab your friends and dress accordingly… (space for the incredible food and maybe something to shield the rain!)

Let’s recap on Ferreira shall we.

Ferreira is a family owned Portuguese restaurant that has its own winery in Portugal. So, naturally their restaurant has an incredible wine cellar full of Ferreira wine.

The quality of food is no exception. Executive chef Joao Dias is so adorable and a very talented man. He was shy to speak on camera but of course I made him say hi on insta stories (for those of you who saw!) as we awed over his mouth watering dishes. We ate incredible seafood and sipped on outstanding wine… all night long. And I really do mean all night. We chatted for so long with the team that they ended up bringing us bread, cheese and surprise… more wine…  to finish off our girls night…. it was certainly an indulgent night well spent.

The feel of the restaurant was also perfect! Not your typical trendy bustling restaurant, but more of a homy and comfortable feel in the highest of class and luxury… with incredible staff.

Sandra Ferreira, the daughter of Carlos Ferreira is the head babe in charge at this spot. What a girl boss! I wanted to ask her a few questions on her experience in the company and how her role came about in a flourishing family owned Montreal staple. Read more below…


Sandra Ferreira




Operations Director, Groupe Ferreira

Were you always in the culinary and wine industry?

I was pretty much born in the restaurant industry! Both my parents were owners of Vanhoutte franchises when I was really young. My father then opened Ferreira when I was 7 years old, I remember it like it was yesterday! I assisted to the first staff meeting… furniture was not even in!

I would stay with my mom during the week and then with my dad on weekends so Ferreira was my second home growing up. Lots of customers have seen me grow.

I then studied fashion marketing at Lasalle College followed by business and marketing degree at University of Pittsburgh. I worked for 2 years in New York City for Macy’s and a tech startup before deciding to join the family business.

How did you end up working with the fam on Ferreira?

I was living a dream working in New York! Really loved the city but professionally I felt like something was missing. I wanted to work for something that I was really proud of and something I was passionate for. It only made sense for me to come back and assure a ”relève” to my father’s business.

What is your favourite dish on the menu?

At Ferreira I’d have to go for the seafood rice or simply a grilled fish! We now import once to twice a week line caught fish from the coast of Portugal. They are caught really early in the morning and transported by plane within a few hours of being caught. We get them around 11am our time the same day, can’t get fresher than that!

I do spend a lot of time in our other restaurants as well! I eat breakfast at Vasco da Gama every morning, the omelettes are amazing!

The quinoa and grilled chicken salad at Campo is awesome and healthy! As for Taverne F, it’s hard to choose between all our petiscos (Portuguese tapas) but I’d probably go for the grilled octopus or the tartares.

Do you personally cook?

Max once a week on Sundays! Love it but I am so rarely home to do it!

What do you like to make?

Pasta or any comfort food!

What is your go to work out or active activity?

Oh my! I am really not a gym person… but I love to dance! Zumba, latin, hip hop… Just don’t do it often enough.

What is your fave pass time?

Whenever I can stay home, often on Sundays… I loveeee relaxing and watching movies! Good way to unwind and get ready for another week.

What charity do you support?

Probably the best part of my job! We get to help a lot of charities every year by either catering, giving auction prices, donations or by attending.

Most importantly however, I am co-chair of the McCord Museum’s Sugar Ball. We raise funds for the educational program at the museum, which allows 10,000 kids to visit the museum with their school every year.

We are also very involved with CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation. My father has been on the board for 10 years. I help organize a fundraiser at Ferreira every year and participate in other activities throughout the year.

What are your next steps and goals coming up?

I ask this question to myself everyday!

I opened Campo last September, that was my first restaurant concept ever from start to finish (although it is never ”finished”)!  My goal for the next year is to manage the most effectively possible our 4 restaurants and our 2 catering services. As for expansion, we will see what the future holds…. but Campo would be the concept I would like to grow if the opportunity comes.

To find out more on Ferreira’s wine night click here. 

1446, Peel street, Montréal,
Québec H3A 1S8

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