The SLT NYC Work Out

I discovered a new fave workout the last time I was in NYC.… SLT and it is freakin’ hard! It’s similar to pilates but, in my opinion, much harder. Talk about a solid ab blast – ouch!

I absolutely loved it. Thankfully, I was able to keep on track thanks to my previous pilates practice, but it was definitely still a challenge.

I want to give a shoutout to the teachers at SLT Soho for being awesome. They were SUPER attentive to all of the students and made sure to know who was a first-timer, if anyone had restrictions or injuries, and help position and balance anyone if they were having any trouble. This is so key for a great class!

The studio is a studio, so keep that in mind! Don’t think big gym or tons of people going in and out. You run in, do your 50 minute class, and run out. It’s NYC after all! People have places to be and things to do…

I loved the workout and was lucky enough to interview Amanda Freeman, the founder of the studio, about her take on the workout, what’s going on in the fitness world today, and how SLT came to be.

1. What makes SLT different than original pilates or reformer?

While SLT has its roots in pilates, it is more of a serious evolution of pilates techniques combined with cardio and strength training. Unlike pilates, SLT is a high-intensity, cardiovascular workout. Each move is done at a slow pace and for long periods of time, while the transitions between moves are lightning fast. There is less of a focus on breathing and more of a focus on pushing oneself to a personal limit. While the results are similar – strengthened, lengthened and toned muscles – the experience is very different and the results are faster and more dramatic.  

2. In your opinion what has been the leading factor in making SLT as popular as it is today?

I think we are successful because we offer a workout that is both enjoyable and effective. The uniqueness of the workout along with the experience we offer has had wide appeal. There’s nothing out there quite like it.  

3. If one word could describe SLT what would it be? 


4. What is your favourite nutrition trend of the moment?

Matcha tea – I’m addicted.

5. Where are you from originally and how has NYC helped you grow your brand? 

I’m originally from New Jersey… a town that is considered a suburb of NYC. Starting SLT in NYC was key to our success. There is only one NYC. The population density, fitness-focus, and variety of types of people (ages, careers, schedules) created a great deal of demand at all times of the day. Also, the exposure to the media and influencers is maximized in NYC.  

6. Post-SLT what is your favourite snack? 

An apple + almond butter

7. What is your favourite wellness or health tip you follow?

I start my day with a 5-minute stretch session on the floor of my bedroom. I highly recommend it if meditation isn’t for you. It’s more of an active meditation.  

8. What is your favourite workout song of the moment?

Shining (by DJ KhaledBeyonce and JAY Z

9. What brings you happiness daily? 

My daughter. She’s so happy, energetic and funny.  

10. Can you give us an inside scoop on what’s to come in the future for yourself and SLT?

Personally, I’m expecting my 2nd child in the Fall, so a lot of prep work has to be done to get ready for that.

Professionally, I’m looking forward to opening several more SLTs this year (Philadelphia, Hoboken, Park Slope, Brooklyn, to name a few!), continuing to grow our team of talented individuals, and constantly improving the experience we deliver to our clients.  

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