Saturday at Gansevort Market

How do you spend your weekend? 

Well I like to do what I love. So for me that can be an array of things….but it usually looks something like this..

Flowers from the market. In this case from The Pop Up Florist in NYC. She makes beautiful seasonal arrangements and does various events in Manhattan so check her out!

Wearing comfort and style. Here in Le Chateau ‘s spring apparel, perfect for Saturday at the market. The look is comfortable yet stylist…. just incase your market going turns to brunching turns to never heading home until night. Thats the beauty of NYC. You must always leave your house like you may never return for the next 24 hrs. Ah that city is something….

Pick someplace fun to explore….. like the New Gansevort Market. I love NYC. This city never stops blowing me away… this is the newest Gansevort Market which is absolutely perfect for your Saturday.


And last but not least, snapping a few photos in the process!

Photos by Travis Keyes




353 W. 14th St
New York, NY 10014

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