Book Your Chill at CHILLHOUSE

Chillhouse is the ultimate place to chill.

Located on Essex (right across from Beauty and Essex) Chillhouse is the quite frankly the chillest spot.

But actually, I could live there or at least spend a lengthy afternoon. The beauty of their set up however is that you totally don’t have to….. You can also run in and out if that’s all your day permits.

Chillhouse is a combo of massages, nail bar and coffee shop and a with a few other goodies your can buy as well.

I tried out their massages with a Chill Pill massages. Chill Pill at Chillhouse… it was kind of a must.

First off I had the cutest masseuse. Thanks Chillhouse! He was also incredible and found tons of spots I didn’t even know were knotted up from working out. The massage rooms are in the back of the location all draped in. I felt like I was on the beach.

This is no spa, so don’t expect it to be. There is soft house and r&b playing in the background. It was perfect. I actually preferred it for my Sunday mood post brunch and my work out class to just chill out to rather than a full blown robe, cucumber water, eucalyptus afternoon. 

My favourite part was that I had never experienced a massage appointment with quite this kind of vibe. Its hard to put a unique spin on it but keep it chilled out and relaxed. 

I would recommend this spot to anyone looking for a relaxing time but isn’t thinking of going for the full spa day. It was the perfect girls Sunday. Following our massages we sipped on the Golden Latte (Turmeric) and the Beet-Chata latte. I had the Turmeric and it tasted a bit like a chia latte…. So delish. My girlfriend had the Beet Chata and it was naturally sweeter from the beet and pink with the milk. How adorable and yummy!

Other item sold here include Sakara Life watermelon jerky which I first became obsessed with down in Chicago and Boy Smells candles… which are also lit up throughout Chillhouse. The smell was everything!

The rose gold details and marble everywhere made this spot a pleasure to every sense, through in the cali accents it was right out of my dreams.

A must check out and chill out, Chillhouse!

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