Croatian Photo Dairy

Back in September I traveled to Croatia with my best friend. We took a trip… just to take a trip. It wasn’t for workย or research, it was to recharge and enjoy life. Pretty easy for everything to become work when you work with social media (as we both do!) but on this trip we tried our hardest to disconnect, post some beautiful images, but focus really on living, smiling, experiencing and being together.

We met incredible people and had some of the best experiences of our lives. We essentially wanted an adventure trip, with some beach, caves, food and a little bit of partying (let’s be honest ;))… funny enough it was pretty bad weather. It hadn’t rained in 6 months and when we were in Hvar (what is known as the sunny island) it rained almost every day. We made the best out of it, with even more adventures and experiences.

We were active every day, and focused on listening to our bodies. Eating what we wanted, sleeping when needed, biking, kayaking, hiking, dancing, walking and more walking, reading, learning and most importantly laughing. It was the trip of two best friends… for no reason then our love for adventure, beauty, each other and a desire to explore Croatia for some time.

I would strongly suggest this country to anyone. Eat at Lady Pipi in Dubrovnik, drink plenty ofย Croatia wine … dance until 7 am at Carpe Diem, take tours of the castles and learn the history of the wars, empire take overs and the history of the buildings, caves and locals.

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