Girls in Gowns at Le Meridien Versailles

I had the pleasure of staying at Le Meridien Versailles hotel downtown Montreal. As a little pre-birthday celebration, I grabbed my two best girls and we did a slumber stay-cation in the beautifully renovated hotel. Of course it’s not like me to pass up the opportunity to snap some great photos, so we did our hair and make-up, dressed up, snapped some shots and headed out to dinner. It was the perfect evening with my amazing partners in crime.

First thing to note, this hotel is pet friendly, like most Starwood hotels. I was thrilled that Moka could come along especially when staying in my own city. Checking in to the newly renovated lobby was perfect, warm with gold and black accents. We stayed in a beautiful corner room that had a great view of the city which was spectacular to wake up to.

We had the pleasure of having the talented Staz Art makeup artist do our make up for the evening. We shot some images wearing La Crème de la Crème boutique. This shop is located in Laval and is phenomenal. Its hard to find formal dresses in Montreal. The shop offers an array of styles from long to short, sizes and colours. They also have a wide range of prices that can cater to plenty of people’s budgets.

We also had a special delivery from Petit Lapin Patisserie as we were celebrating my birthday and know just how healthy I am. The cupcakes, donuts and other goodies from the Westmount based patisserie are all gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and allergy free. YUM, this we like! And they taste awesome too.

We ended the night with dinner at Beatrice, drinking incredible wine and eating homemade pasta. Beatrice makes all their own pasta in house and it is so incredibly fresh. Their terrace is spectacular and a great place even on a Sunday evening, has a hustle and bustle!

It was such a special night to get to spend with my two biggest supporters. We has a blast having a girls night and photoshoot. Scroll to the very bottom for some behind the scenes footage!

Photography by Monique Simone Photography

Make-up by Staz Art

Donuts from Petit Lapin

Dresses from La Creme de la Creme Boutique

Shot at Le Meridien Versailles

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Behind the scenes shot from Iphone!

IMG_8991   IMG_8962


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