What are Reformer Pilates?

I was always hearing about reformer classes, and honestly had no idea what it entailed. Naturally, I had to try it out to see what the experience was like… little to say, I kind of fell in love!

So what really is reformer class? It is Pilates on what they call a reformer machine. Essentially it is all about resistance training, toning lean long muscles. For someone used to spin and sweat, this work out was a big change up. But trust me, you still sweat, and man are you sore the next day!


I first tried out a reformer class back in Dallas at Classic Pilates. I was staying at the W Hotel Dallas and directly next door was the studio. With all the buzz around this great work out I knew I had to give it a try, so I did. I had a semi private class with just two other people and our teacher was great. She really helped walk me through all the steps since I was a newb.



I had heard the buzz about it from NYC and LA but had never seen the classes back home… until I found out they were offered at fitness club, Victoria Park. I was able to try one out lead by the awesome teacher Jennifer Horvath. I still usually stick to my spin and bodylicious classes, but this adds in a nice change on a weekend work out. She too is great at showing you the steps as someone new to the reformer game, so don’t be afraid of this contraption!

Why Reformer?

My suggestion, give it a try at least once. I was blown away by how sore I was (even as someone who gets their butts kicked by their trainer on the regs) and I wasn’t drenched and my hair stayed more or less in tact. A little extra bonus if your limited on coif time! It was a great way to wake up the body and feel rejuvenated. Think yoga meets Pilates meets TRX.

The Dallas studio, Classic Pilates, has great classes and teacher if you are in the area, check it out here.

If you want to join me in Montreal, you can find info on their classes at Victoria Park here.

Below photos by Monique Simone Photography

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