3 Quick and Healthy Lunch Spots in Montreal

If your work days are as busy as mine (which is more or less seven days a week now!), you know how hard it is to find healthy lunch on the go that still fits into your regime. We work so hard to keep up with our healthy lifestyle, I’d rather be starving than eat something that will throw me off! So, for all of those like myself, here are three healthy lunch spots in Montreal to fix your typical work day problems;


You’re on the run!


It’s not quite drive through, but I promise you, ordering at Vertu is almost as quick. Located in the Mile End, you can grab your salad, burrito bowl, fresh juice and so much more on the go. Run in and your order is up fast and delicious. A small note however, no matter how fast you are stopping by, make sure you leave time to snap a pic of their spectacular floor (trust me you’ll be doing it anyway, time or not). This is one of the best healthy restaurants I have tried in Montreal, and they do not play it safe with a mix of flavours. The mix of things like squash, apples, olives and beans make for some mean burritos. They also have amazing infused water that can recharge you on your busy day. There is something for everyone and still keeps your healthy. The options are also pretty filling which is great if your running around and need to keep your energy levels high.

My suggestions: order the burrito!



You can’t get out of the office to grab anything!


If you are stuck in the office, no stress! Chef on Call can deliver you a healthy wrap right to your office. This we like! Best known for the fact that they offer delivery until 4am, Chef on Call recently moved to their newest location on Park Avenue, just above Sherbrooke street, offering a welcoming eat in environment. They also run all of their delivery orders out of this spot throughout the day so they certainly have their work cut out for them. In the center of the McGill university buzz, their popularity comes as no surprise and continues to grow. Partly thanks to the fact that they cater to anyone who wants a poutine to a fresh wrap or salad. The food is good and is not trying to be anything fancy, besides good food for people who are hungry. And the new design inside is pretty cute! Nothing short of a little pinterest inspiration discovered by co-owner Gabe while designing the new spot. Delivery is simple and easy.

My suggestion: order the spinach salad with goat cheese, honey toasted nuts and raspberry dressing!


You have back to back meetings all day!


Let this healthy spot solve your problem of back to back meetings. The perfect spot to schedule a lunch meeting is La Bistrote. Centrally located in Griffintown, minutes away from the Old Port, Downtown Montreal and St Henri, you can schedule one of your mid-day meetings here. The prices are great for what you get, so you can treat whoever is joining you, the location is adorable with inside and outside seating, and the food is delicious. The spot is the perfect combination of a cute lunch café, but is not too packed or overwhelming to really get down to the nitty gritty reasons of your meeting. Bonus, they have amazing iced tea and iced coffee for your after lunch pick me up.

My suggestion: Order the Mexican Salad!


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